Update: The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.0.3) 11-11-17

Fin's Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice update version 1.0.3 (11-11-17).

Great news Fin’s Fathoms Fans, we just published and update to The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.0.3)!  We had great feedback for the initial launch on Android last week Friday! We decided to push out a quick update to show that we are fully supporting this game and are taking the feedback of our fans very seriously!

If you have an Android Phone, you can download Fin’s Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice on Google Play.

If you are an iPhone/iPad user, hold tight, we are currently working on a version for you!

New in The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.0.3)

  • HUGE: Local Storage for High Score added!
  • MOD: Adjusted Story Mode button to alleviate confusion for people who haven’t bought full version. Suggested by Vincent Wondra and Dana Kunkle
  • FIX: Bug fix for Level 3 Boss when major targets get hit at the same time.
  • MOD: Added explosion (and sound) for destroyed torpedoes after hitting another torpedo blast.
  • MOD: Randomness introduced to bouncing off sea floor and top barrier.
  • FIX: Bug fix for Level 3 Boss getting hung up on crabs.
  • MOD: Spear flash from diver shot more pronounced. Suggested by Russ Schilling
  • MOD: New loading icon.
  • FIX: Bug fixes to final boss level.
  • MOD: Improvements to final boss level.
  • ADD: Sound Effects added for diver spear firing and missiles hitting pod beam.
  • MOD: Level 4 divers only come out one at a time.
  • MOD: Adjustment to sea mine explosion (more visuals).
  • OPT: Image optimization performed on Level 3 Boss stage.
  • MOD: Adjustment to pause button.

Other Development Updates

We also wanted to inform fans that we are making moves toward getting our app on iTunes. For those of you that are iPhone and iPad users, we have started the process of applying to be an Apple Developer. We have also procured our testing devices. Special Thanks to Ben Frost for lending us his old iPad 2! We want to make sure our game works for people that have old and new devices.

Our Best Buy Experience

Whenever we have an out of the ordinary experience, or when something cool happens, we would like to share that on Fin’s Blog.  This past week we needed to have some car service done in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  While there we decided to check out Best Buy to see what is available for devices.  This is necessary research because we want to see what people are commonly buying when playing our apps.  We also were thinking about buying a new Samsung tablet to test our android apps because the Acer tablet we purchased earlier this year was, well… junk.

iPad mini 4 box on top of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A box. While looking things over at Best Buy, a sales assistant, Abraham, helped me with my inquiries.  While talking with him I decided on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″. This was a good mid grade tablet. At a price point of about $200, you couldn’t beat it!

However, here is where this gets good! After I decided that I was going to take a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, I asked him what they had available for iPads.  He instantly responded that they had the iPad mini 4 on sale ($125 off)!!!  Best Buy had just started the Black Friday Ad Deals sale! In one day they had sold out all of their stock on the iPad mini 4s and there were only 2 left! My timing was perfect!!!

So, we never intended on getting anything but left with 2 amazing testing devices for both platforms (Android and IOS).


Five Guys Burgers building in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. One last mention on the awesomeness of our Oshkosh, Wisconsin trip.  After leaving Best Buy, there was a great lunch opportunity right in the Best Buy area.  So close, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even need to move my car! For those of you who haven’t tried FIVE GUYS, they have amazing fresh meat burgers and fresh potato fries!  The atmosphere is cool and they even have peanuts for people while they are waiting for their food!  Don’t get any ideas on throwing the shells on the floor though, this isn’t Texas Roadhouse 😉

Anyway, the day was great and, to add icing on the cake, we got some cool updates to the game added!

By the way…

More Updates on the Way!!

For Android users:


Apple enthusiasts, just hold on a little longer, it will be worth the wait!

Thank you,

~ The Fin’s Fathoms Development Team

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