Update: The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.3) 12-22-17

Fin's Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice update version 1.1.3 (12-23-17).

Great news Fin’s Fathoms Fans, we just published our most significant update yet, The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.3)! This update features a very helpful new character, some awesome weapons upgrades and game Achievements!

If you have an Android Phone, you can download Fin’s Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice on Google Play.

If you are an iPhone/iPad user, hold tight, we are currently working on a version for you!

New in The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.3)

  • HUGE: Tablet and non 16:9 screen compatible!  Game adapts to different aspect ratios.
  • NEW: New Character, Auric the Goldfish. Swim up to him and receive in game weapons upgrades!
  • HUGE: Auric’s Tackle Box added. Auric’s Tackle Box allows Fin to purchase weapon upgrades to assist you in beating the game!
  • HUGE: Addition of Achievements to the game. Achievements allow you to win gold and work towards bigger and better features.
  • NEW: In Game Store revamped. You can now buy extra gold to purchase upgrades in Auric’s Tackle Box.
  • NEW: Game Over Screen. The new Game Over screen has important stats displayed on the screen and easy access to either Play Again, Stats or the Store.
  • NEW: Shark and Marlin ninja star strike animations
  • FIX: General Bug fixes.
  • OPT: General game bug fixes and tweaks.
  • ADD: New sound effects.
  • ADD: Honestly, there were so many additions in this version that we lost count. Just check it out!

Other Development Updates

Now that we have basic in game statistics, we are working towards upgrades to enhance your experience. With the new upgrades coming, players will have the ability to procure upgrades that will help them in game.  We also have some really awesome stuff planned that will be revealed later. Stay tuned!

The Apple Version

We are going to taking the next steps shortly to get our Apple Developer license. So, iPhone and iPad users, we didn’t forget about you.


Hey Android tablet users!.. The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.3) is the official first version that is tablet compatible!  The game adapts to whatever your device’s screen size is.  Furthermore, there are a lot of non 16:9 phones out there too that will benefit from this as well! It has been exciting to see Fin’s Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice fill the screen on our tablet devices and, now, you can share in this excitement!  So what are you waiting for? Go check it out on your Android Tablet now!

For Android users:


Apple enthusiasts, just hold on a little longer, it will be worth the wait!

Thank you,

~ The Fin’s Fathoms Development Team

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