Update: The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.4) 1-11-18

Fin's Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.4) 1-11-18.

Happy 2018 Fin’s Fathoms Fans, we just published our latest update to The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.4)! This update features Improved game layouts, score balancing, extra animations, bug fixes, game optimizations and control refinements!

If you have an Android Phone, you can download Fin’s Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice on Google Play.

If you are an iPhone/iPad user, hold tight, we are currently working on a version for you!

New in The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.4)

Fin's Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.4) screen capture (1-11-18).

  • MOD: Refined player controls. It’s now easier for Fin to float upwards.  This makes it much easier to get out of harms way!
  • FIX: This version takes care of a bug noticed when you click the Android back button. Clicking the back button now takes you back to the Title screen and the missing play button is now there. Special Thanks to ‎Russ Schilling. Thanks Russ!
  • OPT: We are constantly working on making this game more efficient but this version has numerous optimizations applied.
  • NEW: New animations applied for throwing stars and Level 4.
  • OPT: Score balancing applied for achievements. In most cases players will receive more gold for their accomplishments!
  • NEW: A new UI has been applied to most of the levels of the game. The new levels are much more open than before giving Fin more room to do his thing!
  • FIX: Sea floor foreground animations were not showing fully for most screen sizes.
  • ADD: Functionality was applied to have Shelly swim towards Fin.
  • MOD: Game speed adjusted for a more consistent flow throughout the game.
  • OPT: A few minor adjustments were made for tablet optimization. Tablet compatibility was added in the last version.
  • ADD: A few new sound effects were added. We think at least.  It’s been a blur lately as we have been cranking out modification after modification.

Other Development Updates

With the The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.4) update in place, we are looking at adding new upgrades in the near future. We are building these upgrades with other platforms in mind. If you want to give us feedback or like what you see, we encourage people to message and like us on Facebook.

The Apple Version

We are going to taking the next steps shortly to get our Apple Developer license. So, iPhone and iPad users, we didn’t forget about you.


For Android users:


Apple enthusiasts, just hold on a little longer, it will be worth the wait!

Thank you,

~ The Fin’s Fathoms Development Team

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