Update: The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.5) 2-9-18

Fin's Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.5) 2-9-18.

Hello again Fin’s Fathoms Fans, we just published our latest update to The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.5)! This update is our next step towards an exciting upcoming feature! We’ve been working in new code to allow for expanded game-play and are looking forward to it’s announcement within the next few months!

If you have an Android Phone, you can download Fin’s Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice on Google Play.

If you are an iPhone/iPad user, hold tight, we finally have out MacBook Pro and have plans on working out the IOS version!

New in The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.5)

Auric's Tackle Box shop in Fin's Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice.

  • ADD: Added Alchemy Set in Auric’s Tackle Box. Make Gold faster!
  • FIX: Fixed tutorial Skip bug.
  • ADD: Water ambiance sound added to game-play.
  • FIX: A fix was added for divers not appearing on tablet and non 16:9 aspect ratios.
  • OPT: Code optimizations to shorten code length and hence, increase speed performance.
  • FIX: Fixed glowing LED misalignment on level 5.
  • MOD: Added Fathoms traveled in an unfinished level to distance total on Game Over.
  • MOD: Changed a few “you got bit” graphics.
  • MOD: Starfish animation updated.

Other Development Updates

With the The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.5) update in place, we are starting the next tier of game-play. We are building these upgrades with other platforms in mind. If you want to give us feedback or like what you see, we encourage people to message and like us on Facebook.

The Apple Version

As mentioned above, we finally have our MacBook Pro for signing the app.  The launch on IOS will feature the next tier of code coming out of the box.  We wanted our iPhone/iPad users to have the best possible first experience with our game!


A few tablet modifications were added in The Fishy Apprentice (version 1.1.5) to optimize tablet experiences.

For Android users:


Stay tuned for more great things!

Thank you,

~ The Fin’s Fathoms Development Team

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